I’m Jason.

I’m a professional front-end engineer, a semi-professional designer, and a dilettante at a whole bunch of other things. I live in the Richmond district of San Francisco, California with my cat Beaux.

I build.

I build web things for a living. I currently work on a data platform called Airtable. Before that I built things at a productivity start-up called Balsa, an image CDN called imgix, a payments company called Stripe, a photo app called Everpix, and a digital agency called Odopod. It’s all in my résumé.

I dabble.

Better to be busy than bored! In my spare time, I like to dabble in creative things that pique my interest: illustration, cocktails, woodworking, CAD modeling, game design, and more.

Let's chat.

I used to have my AIM screenname in this section, can you believe that? Anyway, email is probably your best bet in this modern age. Hit me up!